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Dragonfly had finally gotten to mixing the batter for his cake as Sardonyx knocked on the door. It was fifteen minutes after they had said they would arrive, but still too early, considering the circumstances. Dragonfly pushed the bowl and spatula aside and ran to open the door. "Come in, it's good to see you," he said. His voice was quiet but his words were genuine.
"Thank you," Sardonyx said with a smile. The two walked back into the kitchen of Dragonfly's small cabin. "What's all this?" Sardonyx asked.
Dragonfly sighed. "It's a cake. Or, well, it was supposed to be. I'm so, so sorry, it was supposed to be cooling by the time you got here, but gosh, it was just one of those days where everything gets out of hand and—" He looked down at the messy counter with abject defeat.
"Aww, you don't have t' do all that…" Sardonyx said, his cheeks flushing.
"I'm sorry…" Dragonfly said, "I was just trying to be a good host…"
"No, no, I really appreciate it!" Sardonyx said. "I just don't want ya working yourself t' death, love."
Dragonfly flinched at the nickname. It wasn't really any thing special— Sardonyx called everyone stuff like that, but a part of Dragonfly wanted it to be special. He hoped Sardonyx didn't notice.
"You alright?" Sardonyx asked. "Was it somethin' I said?"
Yes, now say it again. "No, no, sorry. Just a long day." Say it again, please. Say it, say it, say it…
"Alright love, just making sure." Sardonyx turned his attention back to the cake. "Could I help ya with that?" They pointed at bowl of batter.
"Yes— or no, no— well— I—" Dragonfly stammered. "There's pretty much just the dishes. It would be terribly rude to ask a guest to do the dishes…"
"I'm askin' to do the dishes!" Sardonyx said with a chuckle. He scooped up a pile of empty spoons and measuring cups.
Dragonfly reached over the counter and grabbed a tablespoon, his hand accidentally brushing Sardonyx's arm. "Sorry," Dragonfly muttered. "I still need that one."
Sardonyx nodded and took the rest over to the sink, noting where Dragonfly had touched him. His skin was unusually warm, and the warmth from his fingers seemed to linger for a few seconds on Sardonyx's skin. That was the first time they had touched. Sardonyx didn't want it to be the last.
As Sardonyx started washing the dishes, he heard Dragonfly finish up mixing the cake. The sound of clanging metal caught his attention, but it was just Dragonfly getting out a pan.
It seemed to have attracted the attention of Dragonfly's little dog, Alice, as well. The fluffy orange creature came running from Dragonfly's bedroom and down the stairs. She scrambled across the floor and hit the island in the kitchen with a thump.
Dragonfly laughed. He had a beautiful laugh, but not one that anyone heard much. Sardonyx laughed too. Normally he was terrified of dogs, but there was something strange about Alice. Aside from her size and her unusual coloration, she had an odd spark of intelligence about her, though this was not one of her brightest moments. She did know to respect Sardonyx's space, though.
Dragonfly gave Alice a quick scratch on the head and then turned his attention to the last clean bowl on the counter. He measured out some powdered sugar and some milk and vanilla and mixed them thoroughly. He took the dirtied measuring cups and such up to the sink just as Sardonyx finished up with the previous dishes.
"I'll do these." Dragonfly said, waiting for Sardonyx to move.
"Nah, I'm already here." Sardonyx said, and took them from Dragonfly's hands.
"I… okay…" Dragonfly seemed a bit taken aback. "I'll wipe down the counter then."
After what seemed like no time at all, the cake was iced and ready to serve. Dragonfly carefully cut two equal slices, plated them, and brought them to the table, where Sardonyx already sat.
"Thanks, love." Sardonyx said. "This smells amazing!"
"I hope it tastes all right." Dragonfly said, sitting in the chair opposite Sardonyx. "Thank you for your help." Love, again. Dragonfly couldn't help but wonder if Sardonyx was doing it on purpose, if they know how it made him feel.
Sardonyx, meanwhile, loved the way Dragonfly got so flustered when they spoke to him like that.

Author’s Notes

a short drabble about Dragonfly and Sardonyx, early on in their relationship. Totally wholesome.