Terms of Service


  • By commissioning art from me or obtaining a character I designed, you agree to the entirety of the terms of service.
  • I do not necessarily agree with or support anyone who owns my art or designs, nor the content of my artwork.
  • Do not repost my art or designs or claim ownership if you are not the owner.
  • Any action regarding my art or designs not expressly prohibited in the Terms of Service should be considered permitted.
  • If a part of the TOS is unclear, I would appreciate if you ask me for clarification.

Commissioned Art TOS

  • I have the right to refuse or cancel any commission. Refused or cancelled commissions will be refunded in full.
  • Payment for art must be made before receiving the unwatermarked final piece.
  • A refund will not be issued for commissioned art after it is completed. A partial refund may be negotiated for in-progress work, and a full refund will be provided for pieces I haven’t started on.
  • Commissioned artwork may be added to the value of a character.
  • Commissioned artwork may be posted to any platform except Amino with credit. Do not post my art or designs to Amino.
  • Commissioned artwork can be printed or reproduced (i.e. as a poster or keychain) for personal use without asking me, although I would love to see it!
  • Commissioned artwork may not be used commercially unless otherwise discussed.
  • I retain the right to post the artwork to my own platforms, including this website, as an example. I will not otherwise monetize commissioned artwork without prior approval.


  • Payment must be made before the character is sent.
  • You may make my designs’ Toyhou.se profiles auth-only, but I would prefer that you give me a key.
  • You may make NSFW content featuring my designs.
  • You may redesign my designs as much as you like, but please do not alter the original artwork or delete/hide the original design.
  • Feel free to print or reproduce the art or design of an adoptable for personal use (keychains, fursuits, etc)
  • Adopted characters may not be used commercially unless otherwise discussed.
  • Please do not delete the Toyhou.se profile of any characters I design. I prefer that my characters are not sold to people without Tohou.se accounts. If a design is sent to someone without a Toyhou.se account, please send them back to me for holding. 
  • An adoptable may be resold for any reasonable price.