short story


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Dragonfly had finally gotten to mixing the batter for his cake as Sardonyx knocked on the door. It was fifteen minutes after they had said they would arrive, but still too early, considering the circumstances. Dragonfly pushed the bowl and spatula aside and ran to open the door. "Come in, it's good to see you," he said. His voice was quiet but his words were genuine.
"Thank you," Sardonyx said with a smile. The two walked back into the kitchen of Dragonfly's small cabin. "What's all this?" Sardonyx asked.

To Catch a Dragonfly

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Hidden deep, deep within The Enchanted Wood, half a crow’s flight past Who-Knows-Where and a stone’s throw from the Bubbling Brook, lies a mossy fallen log. Sure, there are plenty of mossy logs in a forest, but this one, upon closer inspection, has tiny windows and a tiny wood stove that puffs smoke out of a tiny chimney when the weather gets cold. This cozy cabin is the home of the Twopaws family, a family of cats that stood on only two paws.

The Shadow Man

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    For the fifth night that week, little Edmund woke up with a heart-wrenching shriek, scrambling away from his bed like it was Charybdis about to swallow him whole. After a few brief seconds of near-complete silence, he collapsed into a whimpering, trembling heap on the dirt floor. 

    Meredith blearily came to his aid, staggering from her bed and wrapping the kitten in her body and her quilted blanket. “Hey, Eddie, it’s okay. You know it’s okay.” 

    “Meri?” Edmund whispered, turning his tiny head towards his big sister.