Cosmo- Fursuit

A drawing of Cosmo, accutate to their fursuit but feautring them floating in space.

Created during summer of 2023.

Fabrics and foam from Joanne Fabrics


Headbase- Nathahniel (printed by me)

Eye Mesh- Curlworks


Paw Pattern- KloofsuitsUK (sewn by me)

Finger Escapes Tutorial- Stxrcane


Astronaut Suit- Underwraps (altered by me)

Name Patch- HalfMoonEmbroidery

Gay Space Autism Patch-  NeuroqueerCrafting

Pride Flag Patch- Joanne Fabrics

Pride Paw Patch- Dark Spark Decals 

Most other materials, patterns, notions, and tools were either pre-owned or from chain craft stores.

Find Cosmo’s profile here!