Welcome to my portfolio! I hope that the buttons at the top are self explanatory, but if not, here’a a quick rundown:

Home: You are here!

Designs: Examples of characters I’ve designed for myself and others.

Art Examples: Examples of my artwork in a mostly-chronological, searchable format.

Commissions: A rundown of my commission info and prices! Currently hidden due to reworking.

Writing: Some examples of my creative writing, just for your enjoyment!

Terms of Service: What you agree to when you order a commission or buy a design from me! Don’t worry, it’s nothing too scary ;)

Web Presence: My social media accounts and best methods to contact me.

At this time not all images on the site have alt-text— but I am working on it!

Anyway, here’s a little bit about myself:

  • My name is Ainsley! I use any pronouns
  • I am autistic and proud! ♥ ∞ ♥
  • I love insects, spiders, and all things “creepy-crawly!”
  • Actually, I love pretty much all animals… and plants, too!
  • I am in college and majoring in Marine Biology!
  • Another inspiration of mine is mythology, folktales, and classics.
  • I enjoy art-based games, especially Lythbound!